Tochigi Kirifuri Kogen Beef Fillet Steak
The fillet steak of Tochigi Kirifuri Kogen Beef, the most popular menu item at Itaya, is a tender, lean meat with plenty of juices! We are proud to offer this cuisine.

  • Sashimi of raw Yuba (Bean curd skin)
    "Nikko Yuba" is characterized by its thick flesh because it is scooped up by placing a comb in the center of the membrane and folding it in two. It is said that the name, kanji charactor "波nami" "Yuba" comes from its beautifully rippled surface. The Nikko Yuba sashimi is a dish that allows you to enjoy the unique texture and aroma of Nikko Yuba.

  • Sansho Chirimen Gohan Seiro Steamed Rice
    Delicious rice steamed in a seiro steamer, cooked in the chef's special sweet, salty, and umami seasoning, with the flavor of chirimen and sansho (Japanese pepper) to whet your appetite. This is Itaya's original menu item that has been enjoyed by customers for many years. Even if you think you are full, one bite of this dish will make your chopsticks go wild.

We offer a beautifully presented kaiseki cuisine using the finest seasonal ingredients with the utmost care. Enjoy a menu that changes with the seasons, including local ingredients and river fish.

We welcome you with hot dishes such as nabe (hot pot) and nimono (simmered dishes), which are unique to autumn and winter, and menu items with ingredients that Nikko is proud of, such as Yuba (beas curd skin).

【Meal Times】 Dinner / 18:00~ Breakfast / 8:00~ 【Meals】 Private dining room "Sanmeitei", Japanese style restaurant "Asunaro"

とちぎ霜降高原牛がついたプランなどおすすめ満載! No.1人気 とちぎ霜降高原牛