Welcome to Nikko
~A charming place fascinating blend of beautiful nature and historical heritage~
Nature of Nikko is breathtaking beautiful.
The scene surrounded by rich greenery, great water fall, tranquil lake, you must be facinated!
Nikko Toshogu Shrine, one of the representative sights of Nikko is on the UNESCO list of world heritage site.
Enjoy a symbol of Japanese craftsmanship and artistry of shrine which is differentially corrupted with intricate carvings and vibrant colors. Explore the sacred space and enjoy the breathtaking beauty that unfolds inside.
Take a side trip to Nikko, where Japanese history, culture, and nature come together in harmony.
We welcome you at Itaya.

Oku-Nikko Yumoto Onsen, Hot Spring
Oku-Nikko Yumoto Onsen is said to be Japanese 4th most concentrated sulfur hot spring after Manza Onsen, Tsukioka Onsen, and Takayu Onsen. The spring quality, water is soft, neutral to slightly acidic, and contains high levels of metasilicic acid, making it excellent for beautifying the skin.
The water is light green or milky white and cloudy. The water has a sulfuric smell like rotten eggs, which is synonymous with hot springs. This is the kind of hot spring that hot spring lovers will not be able to resist, and once you try it, you will never forget it.

Oku-Nikko is a area blessed with rich nature.
The Nikko area is a world-class tourist destination, including Oku-Nikko wetlands on the list of "Ramsar Convention" and the World Heritage Sites "Nikko Shrines and Temples".
Relax at Yumoto Onsen and enjoy the history and nature of Nikko.
There are many experiences to be had in the four seasons.
We welcome you to visit for a variety of sightseeing purposes.

Our Cuisine
~Beautiful Kaiseki cuisine prepared with seasonal ingredients of Oku-Nikko~
Yumoto Itaya is particular about the cooking and serving of ingredients, considering the temperature at which they are served to our guests and bringing each dish freshly prepared to your seats.
As a traditional yuyado, the Japanese sytle hot spring hotel, we serve traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine that incorporates seasonal and local ingredients.

Relaxing Guest Room
A restful hot spring resort surrounded by rich nature.
From the guest rooms, you will view the majestic Nikko Shiranesan, the highest mountain north of the Kanto region.
You will wake up to the soothing sounds of birdsong. The quietness of the resort will help you forget your busy daily life, and the energy emitted by mother nature will energize your mind and body.

Oku-Nikko Yumoto Itaya's Omotenashi
Relax and Enjoy your moment which you can only enjoy at Itaya.
In the nature of Oku-Nikko, enjoy hot springs and seasonal kaiseki cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. We will deliver the best service to provide such a blissful time to every one of our guests as if you have returned to your hometown.
This is the hospitality of Itaya.
とちぎ霜降高原牛がついたプランなどおすすめ満載! No.1人気 とちぎ霜降高原牛